Barbara (htbthomas) wrote,

Vote Community!

Y'know that little show I keep making icons of, the one I'm moderating a comm for...?

IT'S KICKING ASS IN HULU'S BEST IN SHOW. It made the final four! *\o/* It's mostly Twitter power, because every regular cast member (except Chevy Chase, whose character, ironically, is the only one to actually use Twitter in the show), the creator and several staff have Twitter accounts and use them. ♥

But it's up against The Simpsons this round to get to the finals. The Simpsons has had its time in the sun, it's Community's turn! Fresh blood!


(Seriously, I've never had more fun multi-shipping a show.)

(Also, you might wanna vote Burn Notice, too, since we have a better chance of beating them than Lost in the Finals... Sorry, Losties!)
Tags: community

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