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Remember this Chuck trailer?

I found out that you can learn a very significant spoiler from it, one of the BIG ones of the season, if you look in JUST the right place. I need to discuss it with you guys! So under the cut is a GIF which I made to spotlight the moment.

It is MORGAN who is next to find out Chuck's secret!

We knew it would be either Ellie or Morgan, but this proves it to be Morgan. It's only 5 frames in the trailer, but I never would have seen it without someone at spoilertv.com pointing it out.

And I have lots of thinky thoughts swirling in my head now.
**Unlike Devon, Morgan will actually see the Intersect in serious action! (Chuck blew off his shooting skills as Nintendo training when Devon saw that.)
**This happens in 3.09, according to the same source. "Chuck vs. the Beard." The rest of the team will be away on a mission because Chuck's flashing abilities are on the fritz.
**The abilities obviously come back here! In the trailer, just before, Chuck gets that smirk that indicates he just 2.0 flashed.
**So, will Team Bartowski + Shaw know that Morgan knows?
**How much will Morgan know? The whole shebang? Spy+Intersect?
**And how will he react? I for one, would be disappointed if he simply accepts it the way Devon did. It makes sense for Devon to do that, but not Morgan, who has been Chuck's best friend since middle school.
**I'm also glad that it's Morgan, after some thought. He's the best situated to help Chuck continue to work at the Buy More. He is Chuck's roommate, too, so less sneaking in and out.

I'm about to leave for church, but I'll be back after a couple of hours. Pleeeeease! Someone discuss this with me!



Feb. 24th, 2010 12:17 am (UTC)
Yeah,Morgan isn't Ellie and he knows Chuck too well to seriously buy that Chuck would just steal a girl he knows Morgan likes on purpose. Chuck may do things that seem like he's being a jerk once in awhile to the outside world in the name of his cover,but even though I could see the devastated look on Morgan's face,I didn't think he'd let it go at that.

They won't be able to lie for very long. Morgan may not know why Casey is so bad-ass,but he knows he's intimidating and good at getting the truth out of people. He'd never be able to look him in the face and b.s. with him,knowing the man has all sorts of Jedi mind tricks up his sleeve, so to speak. Plus,Chuck is too nice to ever be a good liar and it sorta goes w/o saying.

Honestly? I wish Morgan had been the one who knew instead of Awesome. I've loved Ryan Partlin since Passions,but Awesome is a minor character who doesn't have as many scenes as Morgan does,doesn't interact with team Bartowski as much and isn't really equipped to handle it the same way.

Even if Devon is a doctor and somehow managed,Morgan wouldn't have had the same moral dilemmas and conflicts,he wouldn't have the issue of lying to his wife and he would have happily taken a risk because he's by himself and his main loyalty is to Chuck.

Gah...nacho sampler made me cry. I wanted to smack team Bartowski,even if I know they think they're doing Chuck a favor. They're like his mom and dad,which is one of the reasons I've never really been into Chuck and Sarah,even if I don't hate it. They think they're helping him become a better spy,coddling him and doing him favors,but all they're doing is making him feel bad about being a normal guy with a soul, feelings and a personality.

I don't even get why it makes Chuck a bad spy. In Alias,Marshall was a nerd who thought sort of like Chuck did and he did just fine as a spy. He was even married with a baby and his wife helped in the series finale. Why does being a nice guy or a geek mean you can't be a good spy? Plenty of spies have shown mercy, humanity or compassion and so have hardened FBI and CIA agents,etc...


The ending,where they showed what they said to Sarah when she came in and how she thought back about it made me even more upset. I'm glad she gets that he was great back then,but it still bug me that Chuck even needs to compete with Casey or Shaw. There's no set definition on what makes a man manly and a good spy is just someone who completes their mission effectively and does their job. I don't see wtf Chuck's personality and morals have to do w/it.

Brandon Routh is yet another daytime find that made an amazing transition to movies and primetime. Putting him in a cliche storyline really is a waste of time,not to mention his talents. I fully expect Chuck to punch him either way,but I don't want him to be the bad guy. He, Ryan and even Justin Hartley need to be put to good use at all times-End of story.

I know this sounds silly, but part of me thought maybe,just maybe he was Bryce. I know Bryce is dead,but considering characters return from the dead,especially in the spy genre and get plastic surgery,it would explain why he likes Sarah. It would even explain why he's pushing Chuck, but at the same time, he encouraged him to do a solo mission and said he's ready.

Edited at 2010-02-24 12:18 am (UTC)

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