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Remember this Chuck trailer?

I found out that you can learn a very significant spoiler from it, one of the BIG ones of the season, if you look in JUST the right place. I need to discuss it with you guys! So under the cut is a GIF which I made to spotlight the moment.

It is MORGAN who is next to find out Chuck's secret!

We knew it would be either Ellie or Morgan, but this proves it to be Morgan. It's only 5 frames in the trailer, but I never would have seen it without someone at spoilertv.com pointing it out.

And I have lots of thinky thoughts swirling in my head now.
**Unlike Devon, Morgan will actually see the Intersect in serious action! (Chuck blew off his shooting skills as Nintendo training when Devon saw that.)
**This happens in 3.09, according to the same source. "Chuck vs. the Beard." The rest of the team will be away on a mission because Chuck's flashing abilities are on the fritz.
**The abilities obviously come back here! In the trailer, just before, Chuck gets that smirk that indicates he just 2.0 flashed.
**So, will Team Bartowski + Shaw know that Morgan knows?
**How much will Morgan know? The whole shebang? Spy+Intersect?
**And how will he react? I for one, would be disappointed if he simply accepts it the way Devon did. It makes sense for Devon to do that, but not Morgan, who has been Chuck's best friend since middle school.
**I'm also glad that it's Morgan, after some thought. He's the best situated to help Chuck continue to work at the Buy More. He is Chuck's roommate, too, so less sneaking in and out.

I'm about to leave for church, but I'll be back after a couple of hours. Pleeeeease! Someone discuss this with me!



Feb. 21st, 2010 02:18 pm (UTC)
Oh goodness, Morgan?? I mean I figured it actually wouldn't be Ellie even though she's been picking up on the Devon and Chuck thing but I thought it might be either Lester or Jeff for some reason. They're always poking around and Morgan did "hire" them to find out what's going on with Chuck. At the same time I have to agree that he would be best situated to help with the "off-site install" thing. I REALLY don't want Team Bartowski to know though.
Feb. 21st, 2010 09:15 pm (UTC)
Sorry, took me longer to get back online than I expected...

I wondered if it might be Jeff or Lester myself... but after they made it seem like Ellie was satisfied with the "secret girlfriend" reasoning, I wasn't sure Jeffster found anything at all! I was really looking forward to Jeffster hijinks. I hope we still get some. :)

I'm not sure if I want Team Bartowski to know or not! On one hand, it'll be another layer of secrets for chuck to deal with... on the other, it might be bad for Morgan with the CIA. I have no idea which way they'll go or how they'll play it out!

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