Barbara (htbthomas) wrote,

Well, it's only fair...

...and of course, giving a little update status and teaser never hurt anyone, either.

Apparently, according to bistyboo1974's friend pamalax, it's BETA APPRECIATION DAY!!! So here's an ultra big HUG to my peeps, old and new, who have helped me out:

Georgia Kennedy - my Spidey beta, and soon to be co-author.
betty brant - my DV beta, she of the incredible amount of discussion and detailed help
mark_clark - my beta for all SR-related stuff so far, a great co-author and all-around fun and loyal friend
jenna_knight - a fabuloso Spidey and SR writer who lends a keen eye to my stuff
coltdancer - the creator of the banner of awesomeness above who never fails to provide an AZARFAFA! when I need it.
bistyboo1974 - my 'twin sis' who always seems to know how to help me over my writer's block
kalalanekent and anissa7118 - my super!stalkers whom I stalk in return, and who drive me to ever greater heights of hilarity
mr_beeto - who made sure my construction theory actually held water, and whose prolificacy astounds me

I hope I haven't missed anyone... I suck in advance, if so.

And now...


The sound of the faint click of Jason’s door closing almost echoed in Lois’ ears. For several seconds, not even the cheerful sound of Jason’s cartoon channel penetrated her thoughts. A gray wash covered all five senses, and she felt as blank as the look Jason had just given her before he went upstairs.

Beside her, Richard exhaled noisily, breaking her from her trance. “That was unexpected.”

Lois nodded numbly. What do I do now? Does he just need time? Or does he want me to follow him up there?

She didn’t have time to make any sort of decision – Richard was already rising from the couch.

“What are you doing?" Lois asked tensely.

Richard looked down at her, affronted. “I'm going up there. I’m still his daddy no matter what happens after this.” He started forward, but Lois laid a restraining hand on his arm.

“Is that really the best thing to do here? Maybe he just needs a few moments to sort this out in his mind.” It seemed a weak argument, even as she was saying the words.

Richards eyebrows raised, an expression of ‘oh, really?’ crossing his face. “We don't know what he's thinking right now... he's only five years old, Lois.”

Lois stood, suddenly defensive. “Even when I was five years old, Richard, I needed plenty of time to myself…” Lois’ gaze drifted toward the stairs, and she made a sudden decision. “We'll go up together.”


I'm at 1,187 words. I guess that's probably halfway. Maybe less, I'm not sure. All depends on how distracted I get this evening. *wubs* to all!
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