Barbara (htbthomas) wrote,

A few Yule-tidy things!

I never posted a Christmas wishlist, but Yuletide Treats are coming up, and ANYONE (even people not signed up for the challenge this year, but you do have to sign-up to get an AO3 account) can write them. So, if you might feel inclined to write me a drabble or ficlet in Chuck, Community or Jonathan Coulton, you can! :)


**My Yuletide Letter
**More Info on Yuletide Madness
**Want to Pinch Hit? - 100s going out this afternoon! - see how here

I've had a great Yuletide season so far, I'm working on Fic #5 today. And I plan to write a few treats, too. :) Some of the BBT peeps on Twitter have dubbed me "Queen of Yuletide," lol, but I'm sure there will be people who write more!
Tags: yuletide

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