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End of the Year Fanfic Meme

Checked out of the library of bistyboo1974 :

 Fics I wrote this year:

Well, after jumping into the fanfiction realm in September 2005 with a trilogy of shortish post-Spider-Man 2 stories (
It Has Always Been You, Enquiring Minds, and Best Wishes), I continued my love of Spider-Man by diving into the comicverse.

Summer's End: (G, 1188 words, Jan. 26, 2006) A one-shot in which May reflects on all the changes in their lives. (set post-New Avengers, pre-Civil War). My first try at the comicverse. And I love May.

New Beginnings: (PG, 1641 words, Feb. 1, 2006) A Valentine's Day one-shot with Peter and MJ in the Avengers Tower. Somewhat of a prequel to the next one...

Dissonance: (PG, 19619 words, Feb. 10 - Apr. 2, 2006) May 'Mayday' Parker, daughter of Spider–Man, crosses dimensions and meets the family that never knew her. A Spider–Girl x Spider–Man crossover. This is the Spider-Man fic I'm proudest of. I really feel like I settled into my writing style with this one, and found that writing about families is another strong suit of mine.

The Devil You Don't Know: (PG-13, 26709 words, June 12 - Aug. 21, 2006) Felicia Hardy (The Black Cat) has finally moved on after Peter. Will the new guy in her life make her happy or turn her life completely upside down? A Spider–Man and Black Cat adventure co–authored with mark_clark. This was my first co-authoring adventure, which was really fun. We worked on it from April until June, and only started publishing it after it was almost complete. It's the most completely comicverse piece I've been part of, and my first real attempt at a mystery/action-adventure.

And because I was actually done writing that last one, it left me at loose ends. I bought the novelization for Superman Returns because I was terribly curious about Jason White (after reading a lot about the film in Entertainment Weekly). Well, that led to the fic idea for Then and Now. I requested that the Movies: Superman category be created - especially because of the problems the Spider-Man category had been having with comics vs. movieverse writers. They granted my wish, and I soon had the very first story in the new Superman section, and it remained all alone until the day after the movie premiered. Drumroll, please:

Then and Now: (PG-13, 5632 words, June 7 - 21, 2006) Clark Kent returns to the Daily Planet, after a five–year absence, and discovers that his true love, Lois Lane, has a son. The question – is the boy his? My own take on Clark’s feelings. Written pre–Superman Returns. As those of you know who read the novel, it completely misdirects the whole "Jason is Superman's son" angle. But of course, I was right.... Hee hee. And at the end of it - a week before SR came out, I announced what would become my magnum opus:

Déjà Vu: (PG-13, 87000 words and counting, July 2, 2006 - present) Lois slowly remembers details about the time that was erased. When she remembers it all, how will she react? Sequel to Superman Returns, references to SII. Of course, most of you already read this, so I won't explain further. Any one on my f-list who doesn't read it yet, you're welcome to give it a shot! *hint* But the response to it, and the subsequent numbers of fellow fan friends I have made as a result of it are the highlight of my 2006. *hugs all my readers and friends*

Christmas Times Five: (PG, 5710 words, Dec. 18, 2006) Clark tries to make up to his new family the five Christmases he missed while he was away. Oneshot, written for 12days_of_clois LiveJournal community.

And whew! That's a lot, isn't it? Most of it complete, and DV close to being in the can (3-4 chaps to go, I think... but who knows?)

In the works:

Well, as I said earlier, Déjà Vu isn't over, but the end is in sight. I already have a very full slate for 2007:

**Valentines Day fic for
[info]12days_of_clois, food related...[info]anissa7118 and[info]kalalanekent who have already seen the beginning of this long ago*)

**A Spider-Girl story, set 25 years in the future of Georgia Kennedy's incredible 
Twin Demons. GK and I will be co-authoring it.

**A Monk fic - written with.... my husband! Shocker! We came up with the idea yesterday... it's an attempt to see if we can successfully write together without killing each other or one of us ending up sleeping on the couch. :) How many of you would actually read this if I posted it on my LJ?

**Something post-Spider-Man 3. OF. COURSE. ARE. YOU. KIDDING? *plans to be first in line to get novelization when it comes out 5 weeks early!* And who of you would read this?

My favorite fanfic(s) this year:

I will have to divide this into fandoms (I'm only listing ones that were written or updated in 2006), and forgive me, I may slight someone, but these are the ones that really stood out:

Spider-Man: (mostly WIPs)
The Boy Next Door by jjonahjameson. MJ's new role gets Peter into very hot water. Anything by this author is excellent.
Strangers on a Train by

jenna_knight . The people on the train Spider-man saved meet him at different points as Peter Parker. Will they recognize him?
Coming Clean by mark_clark . Unmasking in front of the world took a lot of courage. But that's nothing compared to confronting J. Jonah Jameson!
Twin Demons by Georgia Kennedy. Peter Parker marries Mary Jane Watson and enters Columbia Medical School as SpiderMan joins forces with Daredevil to battle a psychotic underworld assassin bent on wreaking havoc all over the Big Apple.
The Shocker: Legit by Max Landis (director John Landis' son, no lie). This is a first-person account of the third-string Spidey villain The Shocker, and his very twisted, profane and violent quest to go legit. Fan-fricking-tastic and very, very M in a Sopranos kind of way. I am his #1 fangirl - I even rated a wink in one chapter.

Smallville: (basically the 'holy' quintet of Clois writers, with a few others):
The Guardian by VisionGirl. Sequel to Future Tense. To protect the future she's always dreamed of, Chloe will ask a favor of her cousin.
Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow: Full Circle by SunRei. Sometimes the seeds of yesterday are planted tomorrow... Chloe searches for her two best friends when they mysteriously disappear, while Lois and Clark find themselves somewhere they never thought they would be. This is a sequel, read the original first.
Anything by Nautica7mk or lucyhoneychurch or DanaButterfly (start with Do What You Have to Do - but you must join Divine Intervention to read it)
Horizontal: The Booty Call Series by Allison. Um, hot. (Also at DI)
Chick Flick by  leynalynn. It is the first week of summer break and it won't stop raining. Lois and Clark are stuck in the house until a simple mistake sends them into another world inside the TV. They need to work together to escape.

Superman Returns:
I can't really narrow it down more than this... I just love the SR works of: 

Nautica7mk, alphielj, coltdancerjenna_knight, Larbo, bistyboo1974 or ([info]muggleglum), Tandrelmairon, alamo_girl80, sean_montgomery, AgiVega, beeto_from_ff, and kalalanekent/anissa7118

My best fanfic this year:

I guess that by the astronomical number of reviews, it must be Déjà Vu... but really, I think it is the best thing I've done, though I've had a lot of help and encouragement. Without that, it never would have turned out as well.

Most fun writing:

The Devil You Don't Know - Mark and I had a huge blast.

Sexiest fic:

I have to agree with bisty that [info]bodeewan 's Precipice takes the cake, although The Booty Call series is right up there.

Story that shifted my own perceptions of the characters:

The Shocker: Legit. Absolutely.

Hardest fic to write:

Déjà Vu. It's also been the longest, most satisfying, etc.

Biggest disappointment:

Not finishing Déjà Vu by the end of 2006.

Most telling fic:

This is a hard one to answer. I think I might go with Déjà Vu again - maybe Lois Lane is the person I've always kept hidden inside. I am quite introverted in real life. You all would not recognize me.

Well, OMG, this took 2 solid hours to do. But, on the bright side, I will be posting an update of DV tomorrow, to ring in the new year! Yay!

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