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*STICKY* Dear Yuletide Author 2009

Yuletide is one of those events that simply fills me with squee! I love writing my assignment, I love writing as many treats as I can smash in before the deadline, I love reading my gift, I love commenting on as many stories as I can, and I dream about what I will request all year long. Of course, I changed my mind about 15 times this year, and had three of my nominations get disqualified, but that still left these:

I love the secondary characters on this show with a deep and abiding sort of love. Captain Awesome is my favorite. I would like a story with Devon trying to balance his new knowledge of the spy world with all the people "out of the know." Ellie, Morgan, people at the hospital, anyone. And I do ship Chuck/Sarah and Ellie/Awesome, but you can use that or write a completely gen story - up to you!

My new love of the fall season. All of the characters are adorable in their many interactions with each other. Each new combination is a joy and surprise! Abed's deadpan delivery of pop culture references, seeming naïvete and optimism make me love him best. I'd like to see him in a starring role. He's great with Troy, obviously, and so you can give me that... or mix it up with other characters! As long as there's plenty of Abed and plenty of humor, I'll squee.

Jonathan Coulton - Oeuvre
This is the gimme fandom on the list -- something that you could possibly study and write for without any prior knowledge. (Yuletide treaters, take note!) I would like a Skullcrusher Mountain story. And if we were matched on this, you can take it one of two ways:
**Take one of my fandom OTPs (most are in the list of this year's nominated fandoms), and place them in the roles of mad scientist and paramour. The girl or the guy could play either role, btw. Let the imagination run wild. See my LJ profile for the OTP list.
**Write a story with only the characters in the song. Create a backstory for either one! Write it pre-, post-, in media res... Go crazy! :)
By the way, I do love a good Subverted Trope. :)

Skullcrusher Mountain - Jonathan Coulton

Jonathan Coulton - Oeuvre
In fact, I want a JoCo song so much that I would take a story written about ANY of the songs! Use the information from Request #3. :)

Other choices:
Chiron Beta Prime
Code Monkey
Creepy Doll
Re: Your Brains
The Future Soon

General Preferences:
**gen or het, please
**humor over pathos, but if you are uncomfortable with humor, I also like angst and romantic stories.

I'm not going to proscribe any more than that, I think. Thank you for signing up, and thank you for spending time on my little ol' prompt! ♥
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