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Fare thee well, all.... and Merry Christmas!

Because my mother is coming in today from California, and there's still oodles of cleaning... plus, I want to spend as much time with her as possible, I'm afraid that I will not have time for:

1) Betaing anyone's fics (Sorry, Mel! I thought I would have time! I'll let you know if that changes...)

2) Writing even the slightest bit on Déjà Vu (not even the outline for Ch. 35 is written)

3) Reading or reviewing anything posted on LJ (or ...or DI... or you get the idea!)

4) Responding to email, except in the briefest of ways.

Barbara is very sad, because she is oh, so addicted to LJ... but real life comes first, right? I hope everyone has a wonderful, awesome holiday! And while you are waiting for more DV, go read all the awesomeness at 12days_of_clois!! The stories are SO great! You all are the most excellent bunch, so thank you so much for making my second half of 2006 so satisfying and inspiring!

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