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Here's my list of stories set in the Smallville universe. Below each I have indicated which categories apply. Thanks for your consideration!

Confession (PG - one-shot - 1,284 words) I want my Chimmy! Indulge me a little fixit fic for the last scene of Smallville 704, Cure.
*Super-Short / 2007 / Chimmy

It's Your Birthday, Lois Lane (PG - one-shot - 1,400 words) Clark decides to do something nice for Lois’ birthday, possibly at his peril. No spoilers for Season 7 by request.
*Super-Short / 2008 / Clois / Kiss

Shipwrecked (PG - one-shot - 1,308 words) Assigned a puff piece to write, Lois gets a little help from Chloe in understanding the odd phenomenon of shipping wars. Cracky fluff! :)
*Super-Short / 2008 / Character Interaction

Do or Dye (PG - one-shot - 1,576 words) Chloe, Jimmy, Lois and Clark are spending an evening helping dye eggs for The Daily Planet’s charity egg hunt when things take an unexpected turn… Crack!fic.
*Super-Short / 2008 / Character Interaction

What Not to Wear (PG - one-shot - 1,285 words) Clark asks Lois to help him dress for his first day at the Daily Planet.
*Super-Short / 2008 / Clois

In Vino Veritas (PG - one-shot - 1,034 words) Lois takes Clark out for drinks to get his mind off his troubles. But Lois can’t get her mind off of something else…
*Super-Short / 2008 / Clois

Scion (PG - 8 chs. - 14,500 words) Chloe, Clark and Lois encounter a strange visitor… from another dimension. Smallville/Superman Returns/Legion of Superheroes crossover. Mostly set in the Smallville universe, with a few comics/toonverse touches.
*Mid-Length / 2008 / Reveal / Cliffhanger / use of Legion / Character Interaction

Promise (PG - one-shot - 957 words) What if Chloe hadn’t interrupted Lois and Clark at the beginning of “Arctic”?
*Super-Short / 2008 / Clois

Clark Frost (PG - one-shot - 3,652 words) Clark can’t stop thinking about Lois. Lois is still confused about Clark. Oliver is pretty sure he knows what will fix that...
*Short / 2008 / Clois / Kiss / Reveal

So Lois (R - 728 words - comment fic) Clark never expected Lois to make the first move, but he should have...
*Super-Short / 2009 / Clois / Love Scene

Close to the Source (PG - 1,730 words - one-shot) Clark is all alone this Valentine’s Day -- and it wouldn’t be so bad if Lois were back in town again. Worse yet, will she ever be coming back?
*Super-Short / 2009 / Clois / Clark-centric

Blind Trust (PG - 2,092 words - one-shot) Lois simply wants the Red-Blue Blur to trust her.
*Short / 2009 / Clois / Kiss / Reveal / Red-Blue Blur

Jumpline (PG - 2,097 words - one-shot) "When the bright light and nauseating spinning sensation ended, Lois found herself on the floor of an empty office. She sat up, blinking, and tried to figure out where the hell she was. How the hell she got here could wait for later."
*Short / 2009 / Clois / Kiss / Reveal / Future

1, 2, 3, 4 (PG - 2,637 words - one-shot) There’s only one way to say those three words...
*Short / 2009 / Clois / Reveal / Red-Blue Blur

All of the other Smallville readers and writers (of ALL pairings) -- go see svfanfic_awards for more details!
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