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I have all these little things to share, and I already feel like I spam you guys too much, so instead of making a separate post for all of this... (much of it already posted to Twitter, the world's best place to link spam)

I won another prize from sheldon_penny (the world's funnest comm). A ficlet with the prompt "Singing" by arabian.

I posted a tutorial for Animating Text with GIMP (the world's best free graphics program). GIMP users and wannabes, check it out!

And I great place to get Photoshop and GIMP brushes (the world's easiest place to download them)!

A jab at the Lost Generation. MOVING AND AWESOME (the world's best word for all things ever). (Thanks katsie!)

Zac Levy (the world's most awesome geeky super-spy) and Tony Hale in the original "Ctrl+Z".

Jim Parsons (who plays the world's cutest string theorist on TV) gets an Emmy nomination and is adorable!

firebunny has some serious meta about how to get Clark (the world's most fashion-challenged superhero) into the super-suit believably. (Thanks xenokattz!)
Tags: big bang theory, crackville, fic recs, tutorial, tv

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