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Christmas Times Five

Title: Christmas Times Five
Rating: PG
Word Count: 5398 words
Summary: Clark tries to make up to his new family the five Christmases he missed while he was away.
Spoilers: For Superman Returns, of course.

A/N: This story, like many others that have appeared in the last few days, was written for the LiveJournal community, 12days_of_clois. (Thanks to bistyboo1974 for having the brilliant idea!)  It is set in the future of the same universe as Déjà Vu, but some details are left intentionally vague to avoid spoilers.  However, it’s not necessary to have read Déjà Vu to understand this one.  I hope you enjoy my bit of Christmas fluff!

Thanks to mark_clark and jenna_knight for the beta!

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(Christmas Times Five)
Tags: Déjà-verse, fanfiction, superman returns

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