Barbara (htbthomas) wrote,

Thank you everyone, for the nominations!

I am really surprised and amazed that you all thought of me for supes_mv_awards! I only had four eligible stories, and yet they all made the final ballot. I'm humbled and honored.

So, for those of you who haven't yet participated, and are planning to read and vote, here are my stories, and the categories they are nominated for:

Fair Play (G - one-shot - 1,676 words) “Jason,” Lois was telling him. “These carnival games are rigged. You’d just be wasting another dollar. Don’t you want some cotton candy or something instead?” Basically, Clark and Jason play carnival games. :)
**Best Overall Super-Short
**Best Jason-Oriented/Father-Son

Dear Lois (PG - one-shot - 796 words) “Dear Lois, I know this probably seems cowardly, but I’ve been trying to figure out how to talk to you for weeks…”
**Best Ending

Breakdown (PG - one-shot - 1,969 words) Clark has had a lot of practice being sneaky where Lois is concerned. Now it’s Lois’ turn.
**Best Humor
**Best Reveal

I Spent the Night With... (PG-13 - one-shot - 3,525 words) When Clark gets an interview with the new superhero in town, Lois is uncomfortably reminded of her own early history with Superman.
**Best Overall Short
**Best Character Interaction (non-romantic): Clark/Diana

And because you should decide for yourself, here's the link to the ballot and full list of nominated stories:

Voting goes from now until July 14th!
Tags: fanfiction, superman returns, supes_mv_awards

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