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Fic: Five Times Awesome Saw Chuck's Awesomeness, 4/5 (Chuck)

Title: Five Times Awesome Saw Chuck's Awesomeness, 4/5
Author: htbthomas
Fandom: Chuck
Characters: Devon (Captain Awesome), Chuck/Sarah, Casey
Rating: PG
Word Count: Pt. 4: 2,425 words
Spoilers: Set after 2.22 “Chuck vs. The Ring”
Betas: ndnickerson, saavikam77

Disclaimer: I don't own any of this. Josh Schwartz does. And apparently Subway now, too. ;)

Summary: The more Devon learns about Chuck, the more, well, awesome he seems. Devon/Ellie, Chuck/Sarah.

Previously: Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3


There was nothing like a brisk jog. It got your heart pumping, built up stamina, got you out into the fresh air... well, as fresh as you could get in Burbank. And it gave him something to do when his and Ellie’s schedules didn’t coincide.

The best time was in the middle of the afternoon, when there weren’t many cars on the street and most people were still at work. With his iPod set on 70s and 80s music -- damn but that “Mr. Roboto” song was catchy -- he focused on keeping a steady pace and breathing rhythm. It was a way to de-stress and clear his head of all the cases he had dealt with during the week. One had to stay sharp if one wanted to stay awesome.

But even he could hear the screeching of tires over his tunes. Devon stopped and turned to see a black sedan burning rubber down the street in the other direction. Even though the car was a little way down the street, he recognized it immediately -- Casey’s Crown Vic.

There could be only one reason why Casey was driving like that -- it must be spy business. The sedan skidded to a halt in front of their building. Casey raced out of the car, pelting into the courtyard.

Devon paused for a moment -- what should he do? If he got involved again with a spy mission, Casey might do more than threaten him.

His cautious side told him he should go about his business... but his patriotic side told him he should wait and see if there was anything he could do to help. After all, if his bro-in-law had the courage to serve his country, surely Devon could do something.

So he backed up against the wall between two tall bushes, out of sight. A few minutes later, both Sarah and Chuck came running out to the car, Sarah pulling her hair into a quick ponytail, Chuck still tucking his shirt into his pants. Casey’s face was more thunderous than usual.

We-he-hell... a little afternoon delight, eh? He smiled, remembering what he and Ellie had been like their first few years.

But before the three spies could do more than put a hand on the car door handles, a blue sports car came speeding around the corner toward them. The driver rolled down his window just as he passed Devon, and pulled out a gun with a silencer to aim at the three spies.

Devon took action. Without leaving his hiding place, he yelled, “Guys, watch out!”

Sarah was the first to react, yanking open the passenger side car door for cover and dropping to a crouch. She started to fire, her bullets pinging off the other car. Casey was next, dropping behind the driver’s side door.

Chuck, however, stood frozen, blinking in place for a moment. Sarah tugged him down just as the assailant’s bullet took a gouge out of Casey’s paint job. Man, Casey was going to be pissed -- Devon had seen the way he liked to buff and wax that baby.

Devon’s heart started to race. This was his neighborhood -- why had Casey led them here? Even I know that’s a big no-no in the spy game.

The car kept coming toward them, smashing the driver’s side door off. Casey dove out of the way just in time. Then the enemy car fishtailed around for another pass. Chuck and Sarah scrambled around to the other side of the car. Devon knew they couldn’t just jump into the car and drive off -- with one of the doors gone, driving was less safe than using the car as a barricade.

Or so he thought.

The car came at them with screaming tires, accelerating directly toward the Crown Vic. Toward Casey.

Devon couldn’t help but let out a cry of fear. There was absolutely nothing he could do to prevent what was about to happen. His hands clenched around the branches of the bush in front of him.

But Chuck? Chuck was a totally different story.

Chuck slid across the top of the Crown Vic with almost gymnastic skill, threw his arms around Casey, and powered him out of the way of the speeding car. The front grille of the sports car smashed directly into the black sedan, spinning it halfway around. Casey recovered quickly, disengaging himself from Chuck. He trained his gun on the driver, and Chuck had drawn own weapon as well. But the man inside the vehicle had two guns, one pointed at each of his adversaries.

Chuck looked so natural holding the gun. And this was no game controller either. It was a real live weapon that he looked like he knew how to use. The three were in a standoff.

So where was Sarah?

Devon searched through the bushes, and saw a pair of booted feet sticking out from the other side of the Crown Vic. “Sarah...” he breathed.

Keeping low, Devon left cover and hurried toward her. He was at her side in a few moments. She lay on the pavement, a scary-looking gash on the side of her head. Devon placed his fingers on the side of her neck to check for a pulse... she was still alive, thank goodness, but her heartbeat was faint. And she was clearly unconscious.

Devon pulled out his cell phone, and switched it to vibrate before dialing 911. For now, he was out of sight of the men with guns, and he couldn’t risk being heard. Emergency services picked up, and a female voice asked him, “911 emergency, what is your location?”

His voice barely above a whisper, he gave his address, adding, “My name is Dr. Devon Woodcomb, I’m a surgeon at Westside Hospital. I just witnessed a car accident. A woman is unconscious and bleeding. I’m going to try to stabilize her, but please hurry.”

Devon tore a strip of cloth from the bottom of his workout shirt. He dabbed gently at the gash on her forehead, trying to determine how badly she’d been injured. The wound didn’t look very deep, but there was no telling how hard she’d hit her head.

Behind him were the sounds of a scuffle: a grunt, a gunshot, a moan of pain... and then Casey’s gruff voice. “Down on the ground.” Then there was another thump.

He had no idea what had happened, but Devon took a chance and popped his head over the side of the ruined car. Chuck was standing, rubbing his hand across the back of his head. Casey was tying the man’s hands behind his back with a cable tie. “Chuck!” Devon called urgently, “Sarah’s been hurt!”

Chuck turned toward him, his face a mask of horror. “What?” In a flash he was crouching on the other side of Sarah, tucking his gun out of sight. “Oh, my God...” He reached toward her.

“Don’t move her!” Devon warned him urgently. Chuck might be the super-spy, but Devon was the doctor.

Chuck nodded, biting his lip.

Casey appeared around the other side of the car, dragging the guy who had attacked them, his head lolling unconscious. With what the man had done to Casey’s car, this was getting off easy. As soon as he noticed Devon, he said angrily, “I thought I told you--” A moment later he noticed Sarah’s condition and frowned. “Is she gonna be okay, Doc?”

Devon’s bedside manner kicked in. “The wound looks worse than it actually is, but she’s unconscious and she probably has a concussion. I just called 911.”

“You called--?” Casey asked incredulously. “Idiot! The police will have--”

“Casey.” Chuck’s tone was serious. “His car still works right?” He pointed at the unconscious assailant. “You have to take him in for processing... use his car.”

Casey grunted in acceptance.

“I mean, it’s not like you’re going to be able to use yours...” Chuck winced.

Casey’s grunt this time was more like a growl.

Devon added, “We’ll just say it was a hit and run when paramedics get here.”

“Fine.” Casey reluctantly assented. “I’ll take care of this, and then meet the two of you at the hospital.” He started to drag the other man away a couple of steps, but then turned and warned Devon, “You take care of Agent Walker, okay?”

“You can count on it, sir.” Devon would have saluted, but he was using his right hand to keep pressure on Sarah’s wound.

Casey was already in the sports car and gone before they heard the sound of the ambulance in the distance.


Devon looked into the window of Sarah’s hospital room. She looked much better cleaned up, and the tests indicated there wouldn’t be any permanent damage. When she woke up, she should be fine to go home after a few hours of observation.

Honestly, Chuck looked a lot worse. The skilled agent from the accident scene was completely gone, his face a pale mask. He held Sarah’s limp hand in his own, stroking the fingers gently.

Ellie had been frantic with worry when she found out what had happened to Sarah, and Devon had just been able to calm her down. She was probably going to go on an extended rant later about careless, irresponsible drivers, but he knew it would help her blow off steam. It was actually one of the things he loved about her.

Devon turned the door handle slowly, sticking his head into the small room. “Chuck? How is she doing?”

Chuck smiled wanly. “About the same as before.”

“Casey been by already?” Devon came into the room and quietly closed the door.

“Been and left. I managed to convince him and the General that they could trust me to stay with Sarah...”

Devon pulled up a chair and sat beside him. “Trust you?”

Chuck looked startled for a moment, and then his shoulders slumped “I’m sorry. I keep forgetting what you know and what you don’t...” Sighing, he added, “Let’s just say, I’m still getting used to being a full agent.”

“Were you just like a... junior agent before? ‘Cause when you’re in action, you’re amazing, bro.”

“Thanks,” Chuck said, sounding like he didn’t really mean it. “Before I was an asset, not an agent.”

“That’s right, you said that...” Devon had been too much in shock the night he found out the truth to really process what Chuck had said. And he’d never really had a chance to ask Chuck more about it... until now. “So an asset is like, someone an agent protects, right? Like Sarah and John with you? Why was the CIA interested in you?”


Devon hit himself upside the head. “Wait, I’m sorry, you said that before, too. Classified, I got it.”

Chuck shrugged apologetically. “I wish I could tell you, really. It would be nice to talk to someone not in the spy business about it.” Chuck gave him a sidelong glance. “Unless you’re some sort of secret agent yourself...”

“What, me?” Devon laughed. “I’m just a surgeon. Why would you think that?”

Chuck laughed too, though it seemed humorless. “You’d be surprised.”

There was an awkward silence for a few minutes. Chuck simply stared at Sarah’s face, continuing to stroke her fingers gently. Chuck really looked like he needed someone to talk to, to help get his mind off of his worry for Sarah. Maybe he couldn’t really ask about Chuck’s spy life, but he could ask something personal instead.

“So... you and Sarah. You really care about her, don’t you?”

Chuck’s thumb stopped its stroking. “Yes,” he answered simply.

“It’s more than partners, more than a cover, isn’t it?”

Chuck nodded, closing his eyes.

“I’m glad. With a life like yours, it must be awesome to have someone to lean on.”

Chuck whispered something then, rubbing his free hand over his eyes.


Chuck spoke a little louder this time, just barely loud enough to hear. “I wish we really did have each other, Devon. As real as these feelings are... we can’t do anything about them.”

Devon started to respond, and then closed his mouth. Better to be a good ear -- it sounded like Chuck needed someone who would just listen. He placed a comforting, yet manly, hand on his brother-in-law’s shoulder.

Chuck opened his eyes again, but didn’t acknowledge Devon’s gesture. “It’s like we’re in a holding pattern. All I want to do is love her for the rest of my life, and that’s impossible right now. We can’t get engaged, we can’t get married... we can’t even be together....”

They couldn’t be together? What did that mean? But he saved his questions and let Chuck talk.

“We’re at the mercy of the United States government. They could decide tomorrow that Sarah has to go back to Langley, that I get reassigned to a new partner...” He trailed off and then swallowed. “We may live together, but all we do is share a job and share an apartment. Let Sarah or me slip for one moment, and they’ll know. They’re always watching...”

Watching? He looked around the hospital room suspiciously. But this room was probably clean, especially if Chuck was talking so freely.

He couldn’t stay silent anymore. “So... let me get this straight. You guys love each other...”

Chuck nodded.

“...but you haven’t, you know...”

“Nope. We’ve come close, but no cigar.” Chuck coughed uncomfortably and blushed at what he’d unintentionally said. “I mean, you know what I mean.”

“I think I understand, bro.” Devon patted his shoulder. “That is so... not awesome.”

“Tell me about it.”

Suddenly, Sarah stirred in the bed, moaning a little as she awakened. “Chuck...?” she asked in a scratchy voice.

“I’m right here, Sarah,” he said tenderly, squeezing her hand.

Devon excused himself to get Sarah’s attending physician... and to let them have some time alone before the doctor came. He only wished he could do more for them...

Devon stopped, right in the middle of the hall, an idea coming to him. Maybe there was something he could do after all...

Next: Part 5
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