Barbara (htbthomas) wrote,

In an effort to apologize for today's spam...

June 1st is a very busy day for me!

1) supes_mv_awards nominations went up today. I encourage all of you in the fandom to nominate at least one story, if you can. Authors, get those eligible stories links in, too! I'll do my own super-short one soon. :)

2) Chuck Me Mondays -- don't forget to check it out, and tweet #chuckmemondays with your thoughts!

3) Pt. 3 of Five Times Awesome Saw Chuck's Awesomeness goes up later, too...

4) Porn Battle VIII (Bigger, Longer, Uncut!) -- Prompts Open Today! Be sure to leave lots of fun prompts! I put in prompts for BBT, Chuck, HIMYM, Peter/MJ, Psych and Smallville, but I may write for many more than that. *grin*

And it's being hosted on Dreamwidth, yes, because the comment lengths are four times larger than LJ. You can participate with OpenID (using your LJ username), no need to have a DW account).
Tags: chuck, fanfiction, supes_mv_awards

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