Barbara (htbthomas) wrote,

All of you trying to figure out pretty layouts at DW...

I found a Transmogrified layout that supports a banner! (And spammed [info]bistyboo1974 in the process...)

It wasn't hard to change the background color or replace the header in the CSS:



The little white border around the picture is part of the pic. I just copied the layout's original picture, cut the middle and pasted over my own picture over it. :) [It's just a filler pic, made in a hurry!]

Here's another one for headers without changing the main look of Transmogrified:

And the style I'm using on [info]htbthomas is this (adding the CSS from the above link, changing colors and centering the banner):

EDIT: Make sure to check out [info]dreamwidthlayouts. There are new ones posted all the time, which are really awesome!

LOL, and now I'm using this one!

Hope this helps some of you out!
Tags: dreamwidth, layouts

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