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5 Subjects Meme

Comment to this post and I will give you 5 subjects/things I associate you with. Then post this in your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given.

irrel gave me these subjects (which are really different from the usual ones I get, so I'm playing again!):

1. Sheldon/Penny
Just a few months ago, no one would have associated me with this pairing. I was firmly a Clois (Clark/Lois) and Peter/MJ shipper, who loved my TV fandoms just a little less than my beloved superheroes. But then I started to watch Big Bang Theory in its second season (after only catching a few 1st season eps) and really laughed a lot. Yuletide 2008 is what did me in, finally. Most of the fic was Sheldon/Penny... something I'd never considered. But as soon as I did, I was HOOKED with a capslock sort of love.

From then to now, I've written one porn battle entry, read and recced a ton of fic, and started making icons. I haven't been this fannish about anything since Superman Returns first came out. And it's SO strange that it's not coming out as fanfic (since I primarily consider myself a writer). But hey! I'm finding a little niche. ♥

2. Comic Con
I've never been, and I've always wanted to go! This year, I get to go for the first time - but only on Friday (can't afford more). I hope that the BBT panel, and maybe some comics panels, will happen that day. chickadilly will be going with me (as long as the toe of DOOM is well). I hope to meet up with damalur and irrel, too!

3. Dr. Horrible
I was already a huge Neil Patrick Harris fangirl because of HIMYM, and I'd been a casual fan of Whedon's work as well. So when I heard they were doing a MUSICAL(!) I pimped it all over my LJ. I even ended up being very antisocial during a college friends' reunion in Colorado because it premiered online that week. :D! I never got fannish about it on LJ... however, my 6-year old and I have every song memorized. ♥

4. BrOTP
This is another pairing that I started to ship seriously after Yuletide. I had always shipped Barney and Robin from season 1, but not very seriously. When cadetdru wrote me a BroTP fic in 2007, I discovered that there were other shippers out there! The barneyrobin comm on LJ started soon after, and I was one of the people who gasped in joy and awe when they finally hooked up for the first time. I'm loving what the writers are doing with that storyline this year, too. :)

5. Chuck
Another show I fell in love with by its second season. I missed the first season, and caught up with it during the writers' strike last year. This year it became a must-see, after the BBT/HIMYM block, I watch it on my DVR, only an hour later. When BBT/HIMYM are reruns, I watch live! I REALLY HOPE IT GETS ANOTHER SEASON. I definitely plan to buy a footlong from Subway for the finale! My other Chuck-watchers should do the same!

Who's going to play this round?
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