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I've only had one or two members of my f-list here talk about the Dreamwidth closed beta, so I thought I'd announce that:

I have a Dreamwidth account now. (Still pretty basic layout-wise until open beta, but they have a lovely in-site importer for ALL your entries, comments and icons!)

pgwfolc was kind enough to give me one of his invite codes, and I snatched it up.

For those of you not in the know, Dreamwidth boils down to this: a LiveJournal-like site, run by people who used to work for LiveJournal and want to try to do it better. It's been in development a couple of years and now they are entering the beta process. I was lucky enough to get a free account - but on April 30th, they'll open it up for others to beta test.

Now I don't think I'll abandon LJ at all (especially since they are working on a way to read your LJ friends page right from the DW "reading page") but with the 3-4 kerfluffles we've had here, I'd like to give them a try. :)

Does anyone else have an account I can subscribe to?
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