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You ever have one of those weeks...?


I usually avoid getting pouty online, but I felt a tiny bit justified this time. There is no progress being made on Deja Vu right now, because:

1) Interim grades were due this week, and I had let the grading pile up!

2) I got sick. I think it's strep. I'll go to the doctor tomorrow - but I don't want to take Ashlyn with me to the germ-fest that is a doctor's office when she's perfectly healthy.

3) My beta is really busy with end of term stuff with her job. So the outline isn't finished yet.

And now for the biggest pout of all... I pre-ordered the Donner Cut of Superman II from Best Buy... and when it arrived, it was the HD-DVD version! Then sickness overtook me, and I couldn't go exchange it. When I went today, cold front or no, strep or no, they didn't have it in stock. So my card was credited... but I was no closer to DVD-owning. doesn't carry the regular version! And the cheapest version I can find is more expensive than what I paid. Don't get me started on my financial woes right now. But suffice it to say, I can't afford it to be more expensive, even by a dollar. :(

On the bright side, I still will get to see it, through the wonders of *cough*bittorrent*cough*. In... *checks the status bar* ...about an hour.

/end whine
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