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Fasten your seatbelts... here's an update!

My Muse was very kind to me today. I got all 3900 words of this chapter written in one day! Go me!

This is definitely the longest yet. I knew it was going to be when the first three sentences of my outline (which was 3 pages long) took 800 words to write. LOL.

We join Lois, gagged and tied up in the dark, as she drifts in and out of consciousness: 

The memories coursed through her even faster – she had replayed her recovered memories from Niagara to the fateful kiss a thousand and one times this last week – but even so, everything in the last five years swam across her vision with blinding speed, stopping only briefly on the milestones. Superman’s disappearance. Clark’s as an afterthought. Meeting Richard. Jason’s birth. Their joys over his development and worries over his health. The airplane rescue, and Superman’s teasing repetition of his words to her about the safety of air travel. The ordeal on the Gertrude
Almost like a movie running in slow motion, her mind paused on the look of wicked avarice and knowledge on Luthor’s face as he processed the notion that Jason might be Superman’s son— 
The piano crashed through the walls of her mind like a subliminal anvil, obliterating Luthor’s terrifying visage. She found herself trapped in the galley with Jason, his hand slowly reaching toward the handle. At any moment, the door would burst open, Richard on the other side…
The door was kicked open, off its hinges. Clark, in one of his oversized suits, rushed into the room, taking both of them into his strong arms. Memory blended into dream, and she sighed in relief that her protector, her love, was here to save them.
As they clung to each other, a sound filled the air of her dream. Footsteps drawing ever closer, inexorable. Thud. Thud. Thud. Clark’s head snapped up toward the sound; Jason’s eyes were wide with terror. Clark brought them to their feet, muscles tensing in preparation for flight. Thud. Thud. Thud.
Lex Luthor slid into the doorway, the green glow of the pure kryptonite in his hand reflecting in his lifeless eyes, making them look like nothing more than reptilian slits… Clark began to sink to his knees and a shaking Jason soon joined him, as Luthor stalked ever closer with the deadly mineral… Thud. Thud. Thud.
Lois snapped awake fully from her nightmare, shivering with the realization that the sound she was hearing was real. Someone was pounding on the heavy door, with enough force that she could hear it even through the soundproofing.
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