November 16th, 2008


Thanksgiving Meme

A lot of us are having a really rough 2008. So it's hard to remember all the blessings in our lives -- but all of us have at least some things to be thankful for. Post about those blessings, be they few or many.

Just a little meme from me to celebrate Thanksgiving, though I encourage my non-American friends to do it, too. :)

My blessings:
1) A loving family
2) A job I enjoy
3) Enough money to live a comfortable life
4) A group of wonderful, caring, interesting and funny LJ friends
5) Plenty of fandom squee to take my mind off of some of the troubles in life

There are more, but this is a good enough list to get started. What about you, f-list?

NaNo, Day 16

Whoo hoo!

26730 / 50000 words. 53% done!

All caught up! And it's still early enough that I could either work on my 12days_of_clois assignment or watch Dexter. Which d'ya think I should choose? Actually, fyredancer and I have another short word war planned first, so hmm. Maybe I'll do Clois during that war. :D

Anyway, I hit one of the pivotal scenes in the novel, and it took the whole 3000 words of catch up to finish it. I think it might be the best writing of the novel so far. I was "in the zone", which hasn't happened much with this thing. :D Of course, now I have to slow the pacing and start revving up for the next pivotal scene...