September 3rd, 2007

Awkward Jimmy

12 days of Clois fic: The Suitcase, 1/1

Title: The Suitcase
Author: htbthomas
Category: Superman Returns
Prompt: #042: Wrinkled
Rating: PG
Word Count: 2256 words
Summary: When Jimmy stumbles across Clark’s battered suitcase in the storage closet, he begins to wonder just what is going on…
Spoilers: For Superman Returns
Author's Notes: At the end of writing Déjà Vu, I posed the question: “In whose POV would you have liked to see portions of this story?” Jimmy Olsen was a clear winner. ♥ This is not a direct sequel to Déjà Vu… however, there are some similarities between the events presented here and my post-DV universe. (Oh, and I know there has been some sort of Jimmy ficstravaganza lately, but I promise I had this idea months ago… *grin*)

Thanks to mark_clark for the beta and van_el and jenn_1 for advice along the way.

( The Suitcase )