August 9th, 2007


Birthday fic: Enthusiasm, 1/1

Title: Enthusiasm
Author: htbthomas
Fandom: Heroes, early season 1
Characters: Gen: Hiro and Ando (friendship)
Rating: PG
Word Count: 671 words
Summary: While in Vegas, Hiro tests out his powers and Ando tries out his luck with the ladies.
Author's Notes: This is a Happy Birthday ficlet for empressaurelius, for her prompt: “Something Heroes with Hiro and/or Ando.”  This ficlet was inspired by Kevin Smith’s comments (about 3:00 on the clock) at the Heroes panel at Comic-Con.  And James Kyson Lee’s later response (about 4:15). :D Once again, thanks to mark_clark and van_el for the help.

< > - denotes dialogue that would be spoken in Japanese and subtitled on the show.

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