July 20th, 2007

Plot Bunny

Hey! Another DBB taker!

Another person just answered the Dead Brown Bunny drabble challenge! :D So if you're not in line... or sitting in a cozy corner reading away...

Several of my f-list are new enough that they won't know what the heck this is, so clicky-clicky to read more of them. Heh.

The latest:
van_el: (Original - The Dead Browned Bunny): http://van-el.livejournal.com/5945.html

Feel free to contribute one yourself, and then let me know so I can link it! ♥

In other news, we may have a brand-spanking-new hybrid (in order to have a matching set, y'know) by this time tomorrow! :)

ETA: Here's more: saavikam77 (Superman Returns - Dinner): http://saavikam77.livejournal.com/7907.html