June 12th, 2007


A little of this and a little of that...

For the first time ever, and I completely blame/credit co-author jenn_1 for keeping on me for my portion, we have our 12days_of_clois ficlet done! And way ahead of time! (Usually I get mine into my betas' hands the day before it's due or the day of!)

Just in case you hadn't already heard from me, the fic is based on two wedding prompts, and is called Impressions. It's Clark and Lois' wedding, Déjà-verse, seen through the eyes of Clark, Lois, Jason, Martha, Richard and Lana.

Does anyone want a teaser? I'll post one in my next entry if there's a demand. Maybe even one for each character? :) (Gotta get approval from the co-author first, though...)

And now for some celebrating! I just received review #1800 on Déjà Vu at ff.net! *twirls* Considering I barely crack 100 on my other fics, I'm thrilled! Thank you to all of you on this list that contributed to that total! I ♥ you guys.

Finally, the results of the poll. Most of you were open to ideas based on feedback and your Muses are stifled from the lack of it. Which was exactly my own response. And it seems that the poll also served its purpose admirably - everyone could see the voting totals without being able to see who voted for what.

And of course - don't forget your noms at supes_mv_awards. BTW, is there anyone willing to send out PMs over at ff.net? The system only allows 24 per user per day. Between the mods, we've contacted about 250 people, but I still have a long list. The goal is to contact all writers and quite a few of the reviewers in the Superman fandom by the end of the week.

Night, kids!