May 5th, 2007


I know you all have been waiting with baited breath for this...

...or not. :D

But I figured that if I didn't actually write my own review for Spider-Man 3, that my friends list might wonder. I mean, the uber-Spidey-fangirl not reviewing it? ohnoes!

I had a great time last night, a lot of it due to seeing it with a fellow Spidey fanfic writer (jenn_1), but before I go to the LJ-cut, I want to make a few things clear.

1) The movie was not as good as Spider-Man 2 (the film that thrust me into the fanfic world), but I still enjoyed it very much.

2) I am an unrepentant Peter/MJ shipper - this bias is very much in place as I review.

3) I came to Spidey through the movies, but have since become a huge comics reader. Except for portions of the 1990s (the clone saga particularly), I am quite familiar with all of the major storylines, and I read every Spidey title (except Marvel Adventures) religiously each month.

4) I completely spoilerfied myself for this movie - I looked at every pic I could, I read the novel, and reread sections many times. I read every review I could find before seeing it. This tends to ruin movies for some folks. Not me. I find I enjoy things more.

But even so, I question my feelings about the movie, knowing my biases. I waited impatiently and excitedly for three years, immersed myself in all the hype, and became as knowledgeable about the subject as I knew how to. So I present this review aware of my tendencies as a fan, trying to weigh both the good and the bad. So here goes, and not at all as organized as I hoped:

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