April 2nd, 2007


Best Wishes, 2/11

Title: Best Wishes, 2/11: Preparations
Author: htbthomas
Rating: PG-13
Fandom: Spider-Man movieverse, post Spider-Man 2
Pairing: Peter/MJ
Word Count: Ch. 2 - 1660 words
Summary: It is a month before Peter and Mary Jane’s wedding, and everything is seeming to go wrong. Unknown to the happy couple, help is about to come from an unexpected source.
Chapter Teaser: “Honestly, Peter, I thought it was the bride who got herself into a tizzy over wedding details,” Mary Jane told him, highly amused. “Our guest list is small. No one is expecting anything fancy. We could probably have pizza delivered to the park and everyone would be happy.”

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31 days until Spider-Man 3!!

Fannish Updates!

Hey, you may be noticing that my journal is suddenly all Spidey, all the time... well I'm just here to warn you a day in advance that tomorrow begins the...

SPIDER-MAN 3 PICSTRAVAGANZA -- 30 days of non-stop SM3 picspamming!!!!

*whew* Got that out. I do solemnly swear to post all of it behind a cut, so those of you who don't share the love I have for the awesomeness that is Spider-Man 3 can kindly avert your eyes. :D

In other news, after a near disaster of Hindenberg proportions in which mark_clark and I both nearly committed seppuku over clashing ideas... *ahem* (Not really that dramatic, but there's only 3 days left until Spring Break, and I'm a wee bit excited)...

I actually have a workable idea for the 12days_of_clois challenge.

I outlined the first half of it yesterday! Whee! Of course, no actual writing of the fic. Luckily my due date is April 21st.

And I am oh, so slowly working on my Clois movieverse essay for superhero_muses. Thank God I have Spring Break to finish it.

That's all. As you were.