February 7th, 2007


Valentine's Day Fic: Dinner Plans

Title: Dinner Plans
Author: htbthomas 
Category: Superman Returns
Prompt: #020 Couples – “kitchen” and #023 General – “eggs”
Rating: R (for sexual content – nothing graphic)
Word Count: 2300 words
Summary: A fluffy one-shot set in the future of the Déjà-verse. Clark plans an intimate dinner at home on Valentine’s Day. Written for 12days_of_clois Valentine's Day Challenge.
Spoilers: For Superman Returns.

A/N: This is absolute fluff, completely different in character than the saga that is Déjà Vu. Knowledge of the other story is not required. It seems that the food sequences in that story were quite popular, so what better subject for a one-shot? Enjoy!

Thanks to mark_clark , jenna_knight and betty brant for the beta – and to ancarett for a last minute go-over and the spiffy banner!

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( Dinner Plans )