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If it's Saturday, this must be Addis Ababa...

...or another chapter of Déjà Vu has been written and sent off to the betas! Whichever.

I hope that sean_montgomery and bistyboo1974 have better luck with their Muses the rest of this weekend! Mine never really lets me alone in the middle of a story...


As he opened the door, she could see into the room beyond. The living area was tastefully furnished with a set of dark leather armchairs and matching sofa. Placing a hand on her upper arm, he steered her into the cottage. On the rustic wooden coffee table, Lois could see two wineglasses – one empty, one half-full – and a few used dinner dishes. There was even a smaller plate laying on the floor beside the table, a mess of half-eaten food still on it.

Mitchener stopped short again. The puzzled frown he had been sporting outside the cabin came back full force, even deeper than before. Does he have guests? Is he bringing me… to someone? She shivered.

He broke himself from his trance. “This way, Ms. Lane,” he requested, urging her ahead of him toward the back of the cabin. She craned her head around as quickly as possible trying to take a mental photograph of her surroundings… Plush floor rugs, expensive-looking art, a well-appointed kitchen… but she had little time to see anything else as she was urged into a long hallway which seemed to lead back to the master bedroom.

With a more and more anxious feeling, Lois found herself at the dead end of the hallway, facing a large, heavy-looking metal door. To the right side was a small keypad – some sort of entry code must be required. Are Mitchener’s guests behind that door? she thought worriedly. She could hear some sort of sound coming through, but she couldn’t quite make out what it was...

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