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DV Ch. 32 update

Hey, ho, everyone.  I got some writing done the last two nights.  :)  We're at 875 words.  I have reached the halfway point of my outline... generally... but there is a section which may be much longer if I let it.  We'll see!


The battle in her mind between trying to escape and wanting to get the story was beginning to rage. At this moment, although she had decided the opposite way only minutes ago, she determined that the moment she even got the tiniest break, she would scream bloody murder for Clark. 
Suddenly, she broke out of the trees, Mitchener a silent menace behind her. They were in the middle of a clearing, and in the center of the clearing was a charming wooden cabin, porch light aglow.
“Here we are, Ms. Lane,” Mitchener announced as he gently shoved her forward. She could hear him digging in his pockets for the keys, and then he came around to the side, making a show of the gun for her benefit. “Please move a few steps back, Ms. Lane.” He gestured smoothly with the pistol. “I assure you that I have plenty of practice using this.”
As Lois moved backward, desperately seeking a way out of this situation, he lifted the keys toward the lock. But suddenly, he paused, a puzzled frown coming over his features. Michener turned his head to the right, and gazed at the empty gravel driveway. Had he expected to see something there? 


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