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Love Game and Fic Recs

Okay, so I'm being a Posty McPostits this evening, but I have just a few things to post about.

Valentine's Day doesn't have to be just about romantic love - svmadelyn's Valentine's Day Game. Go check it out. Yes, you.

And now for a few fic recs I've been collecting and want to get out there.

Big Bang Theory (Penny/Sheldon):

By cereal (Seriously, read them. These are wonderful and so in character):
Experiments on Gravitation (PG-13/R)
There are about six million risks in pointing out that Sheldon has missed anything. Evidence, facts, data, clues, doctor's appointments, it's not worth it, ever, to imply that there's something Sheldon didn't catch (unless it's sarcasm or other basic human stuff). So when Penny opens the door to her apartment to hear Leonard's voice in the stairwell and he's saying something like, "Really? You didn't notice that?" in the confused nasal tone he only uses on her and Sheldon, she just shuts the door again.

What Happens, Stays (MA)
If a few years ago, someone had said to Penny, "You're going to end up driving a car full of squealing geeks to ComicCon," Penny would've responded like this:

What the hell is ComicCon?

Maybe she would've thrown in: I don't even know any geeks (just for good measure).

If yesterday, someone had said to Penny, "You're going to end up driving a car full of squealing geeks to ComicCon," Penny would've responded like this:

No, Sheldon, I am not.

Statistical Anomaly (PG-13)
Penny's taken four acting classes in her entire life. She doesn't remember anything useful from any of them. Just stupid, mundane filler stuff. Nothing that's ever helped her land gigs. But sometimes, just for fun, she applies acting class nonsense to life.

It goes like this: In one class, taught by some guy who made everybody pronounce his name totally different than it was spelled, the class had to boil things down to five words. Some garbage about finding its "essence." A scene, an event, an emotion, whatever -- five words, that's it.

So when she realizes it's February 13 and that tomorrow is Valentine's Day, she boils it down to five words.

Her Valentine's Day words are, in their simplest and (maybe vulgar) form:


The Cooper Methodology, or How Sheldon Lost the Bet by so_pseudogoth (NC-17)
"I can't believe it," Leonard said, squinting through the thick lenses of his glasses at the notebook on the coffee table. The table was pathologically neat, their laptops sitting closed and quietly humming, everyone's drinks on coasters, just the way Sheldon insisted... and except for the incredulous, stunned look on one Dr. Sheldon Cooper's face, everything was exactly normal in Apartment 4A.

"Sheldon, you were wrong," Raj whispered in a reverent tone, turning his dark gaze to the insufferably smug Wolowitz. Howard was sitting back in his usual seat, arms folded over his chest, a self-satisfied grin on his mouth.

"But that isn't possible!" Sheldon squeaked, his voice breaking with emotional distress. "I've never been wrong about anything! Misguided, perhaps, but I remedied the situation before anyone caught on--- this is ridiculous. I don't even know how I should feel right now!" He hesitated, then looked at Leonard. "How is one supposed to act when proven wrong in such a blatantly inexcusable manner, Leonard?"

Dr. Horrible:

Laundry Night by damalur
They learn about sex together, because Penny's only been with a man three times before him and because Billy - well, Billy is a scientific prodigy with two copies of every Harry Potter book, which is useful for being an evil genius or starting vehement discussions on the Mugglenet forums, but not for getting laid.

How I Met Your Mother:

Every Line Speaks the Language of Love by mardia (PG)
What none of them even dare to think out loud is this--we're doing this because this is going to be the last story Dad'll ever tell.
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