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DV Ch. 31 - off to the betas... and something extra for the Spidey fans...

Hi everyone:

The chapter is done. I had to turn off all my messengers and email for a while (too distracting!) to get it done. 2000 words, including the author's note... :)

Of course what would a status update be without a teaser?


Lois gripped her mini-recorder tightly and took a deep breath – she might have tried to shout, to scream around the hand clamped over her mouth – but the pistol stabbed harder into her back, and she choked it off, heart leaping to her throat.
“I would think twice about that, Ms. Lane,” he warned her, his pleasant tone jarring to her ears. “The Man of Steel may be faster than a speeding bullet… but can he stop a bullet at point-blank range?”
As fast as Clark was, she didn’t want to tempt fate by trying to find out the answer to that question. Not now, not when I have so much to lose… my little Jason… and what would this do to Clark…especially after just finding our way back to each other… Lois wanted to kick herself! Stupid, stupid, stupid, Lane! What the hell were you thinking, turning your back on him? That’s a rookie mistake… 
Mitchener continued to speak quietly during her mental tirade. “I’m going to remove my hand now. You will give me the recorder in your hand, and then we are going to walk silently to the parking garage. Nod your head if you understand.”
Pulse pounding, her mind raced instantly through all the options she saw before her. She could scream anyway, and likely end up with a bullet in her for her trouble. She could try to elbow him in the stomach, but what if his finger instinctively squeezed the trigger? She could try to kick his feet out from underneath him, or knock the gun out of his hands, but he was staying behind her and likely out of reach. Maybe on the way down to the garage, she could find a way to make a break for it…

ETA: Got it back from mark_clark and jenna_knight.  Betty will probably have it for me by this evening... *crosses fingers*


Well, the illegal trailer is gone... :(  But at least we got to see it in it's awesome goodness!


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