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Whew! Wasn't me that broke it then...

... but if I had just posted a new chapter, I would be suspicious.  I do tend to break when I post.  

Anyway, I finished Ch. 30!! Woo hoo!

So, as I have to wait until tomorrow to post (still waiting for one of my betas, and I always wait for mark_clark  to be online so he can be the first reviewer - we have an understanding) - here comes the teaser!


Her heels clicked on the tile floors as she made her way to the deputy mayor’s office. Every office on the floor appeared to be shut and locked up tight. You’d think this was a Friday, she thought with amusement. Turning the corner, she tried to look down the hall…
… And stopped short as a young blonde screeched to a halt to avoid running into her. “Excuse me,” she muttered, and tried to move past the woman. 
“Ms. Lane?”
Lois did a double take, looking more closely at the young woman’s face. Mitchener’s secretary… and on her way out it looked like… Dammit!
The bottle blonde continued speaking before Lois could even respond. “The deputy Mayor really liked the article you and your partner wrote the other day,” she enthused. “I think he might even get it framed.”
“Oh, really?” Lois affected a pleasant tone. “Mr. Mitchener was quite…” she searched for the proper word, “… impressive during our interview.” Lois continued in the same manner, trying to draw the secretary in, “You know, I tried to call earlier to see if I could snag an appointment, but I couldn’t get through…”
The secretary blushed. “I'm sorry... I guess I was on the phone…” She continued in a coy voice, eyelids lowered, which Lois was sure was very effective on Mitchener, “You see... there’s this guy…” 


And on a separate note, I have 850 words done on the "Happy Couple" one shot I promised ages ago.  I keep having to set it to the side due to being busy with RL and DV... and because I get just a little embarrassed. *blush*


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