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Guess what time it is?

IIIiiiiiiiT'S status time!

I played around with the speech recognition thingy on Word tonight!  Fun!  And I got 750 words done.  :)

Let's see... do I have a teaser in that measely amount of writing...?


She had left within minutes of ending the phone call with Leyden. Every fiber of her being was urging her to race out of the newsroom to follow the lead that had dropped into her lap – but there was Jason to consider: 
Lois cleared her throat, trying to seem braver than she was feeling right now. “Um… excuse me…?”
Richard stood beside his desk, looking through the photos that Jimmy had brought him. Was it just blind luck that he had come down from the roof just when she needed him? He looked up at her with haggard eyes. “Yes?” he asked in an almost too polite voice. 
“I just got off the phone with a contact in the story that C–” Lois stopped, and tried again. “I – I want to chase a lead.” She really hated to do this to Richard after everything that he’d gone through today, but there was really no choice… “Do you mind picking up Jason today…?” she asked with a note of pleading in her voice.
Jimmy stood off to the right, looking for all the world as if he wanted to blend into the bookcases beside him. He couldn’t meet either of their eyes, trying to avoid being drawn into their personal drama. 
Richard glanced at the clock with barely concealed irritation. Then he closed eyes tightly, and took a heavy breath. “Sure,” he said tonelessly.
“Thank you, Richard,” she breathed gratefully. “And I would have asked C— but he’s still… on his errand…”
Richard’s eyes blazed then, full of I-told-you-so’s. “Go chase that lead.” 


Hope the muse enjoys using the microphone tomorrow!

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