Barbara (htbthomas) wrote,

Small Signs (Bruce/Babs Drabble) for bistyboo1974

Title: Small Signs
Author: htbthomas
Fandom: Batman toonverse
Prompt: Bruce/Babs
Word Count: 335 words
Rating: PG

His voice tickles her ear as she yanks tight the bindings on the last bank robber. “Ready?”

Babs quickly surveys her work – the three men are bound and gagged, their weapons stripped. The bag full of stolen cash dangles from a batarang on the opposite wall. She can hear the police pelting up the stairwell; they will be here to take over in moments.

She imagines for a second that he is really there, breath caressing her earlobe, instead of a voice through her earpiece. “Coming,” she subvocalizes, and launches herself out of the open window.

Bruce has been busy himself, stopping the men who had fled in the other direction, alerting the police discreetly of the criminals’ whereabouts. She sees a bat-shaped shadow join her in flight, but he does not acknowledge her in any other way. His swing arcs him toward the top of a nearby building, and she follows instinctively.

They watch for a few minutes, standing outlined against the night sky, just long enough to see the men escorted out of the building into the patrol cars waiting on the street. Her arm is only inches from his, and although they do not touch, she can feel his presence palpably near.

Bruce tenses then, his head tilting to the side as he listens to something only he can hear. Before she can ask, he is in the air. “Break-in. Harrison Street,” he announces in her ear, as if she will need directions.

They have patrolled like this many nights, nearly silent. He has come to depend on her, or so she tells herself. She thinks she sees it in the way he stands, the jobs he gives her, the way he knows she’ll be right behind him...

Her ear vibrates with his soft murmur. “Nice job back there.” The dribbles of praise.

“Any time,” she murmurs back as they round a corner. These small signs are what she clings to, and they are enough. They will have to be enough. For now.
Tags: batman, drabble

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