Barbara (htbthomas) wrote,

Look Out Below! (Bugs & Marvin drabble) for northern_star

Here is the first of the promised drabbles for the correct guesses of my yuletide stories. I hope to finish the other two this weekend!

Title: Look Out Below!
Author: htbthomas
Fandom: Looney Tunes
Prompt: Marvin, Bugs - shooting star
Word Count: 256 words
Rating: G

Wham! Bugs Bunny shook his head to clear the spinning planets and stars, and looked up at the sign he had slammed into full-force. “Area 51? I know I should have taken that left turn at Albuquerque...”

“Halt!” a voice shouted to his right.

Bugs turned to see a large ray gun pointed at his head. He pulled himself out of the trench he had burrowed and brushed the dirt from his fur, completely unimpressed. “Now what's a little guy like you doing with a big gun like that?”

Marvin harrumphed through his invisible mouth. “It is standard issue, Earth creature. Surrender immediately, or I shall be forced to blast you.”

Bugs’ face slowly changed from boredom to astonishment as his attention was caught by something over the alien’s shoulder. “Eh, Doc, don’t look now...” he pointed behind the miniature invader, “...but there’s a falling star behind you.”

Marvin’s eyes narrowed, but he did not turn. “Your deceptions will not work on me. You have no choice but to—”

The Martian was cut off mid-threat, as the falling object struck him violently. He collapsed into his Roman helmet and tumbled end over end into a large boulder nearby.

Marvin pried himself from his helmet, recognizing at once the thing which hit him – a very confused looking coyote. The animal staggered away, head spinning. Marvin faced the devious Earth creature once again, but he was now looking at the wrong end of his own weapon.

“I have no choice but to what now?” the rabbit drawled.
Tags: drabble, warner brothers cartoons

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