Barbara (htbthomas) wrote,

Ship Meme

Stolen from a bunch of you, because I need a pick-me-up today (don't ask...)

1) Pick up to 15 pairings you like
2) Describe them in up to 15 words
3) Get your friends to guess

Only 12 are in my current "watch list" - all het pairings:

1) She has the job he almost interviewed for but he doesn't know it. (Wendy Watson/Tyler Ford - The Middleman - seriousfic)
2) If it were up to me, they'd be together in any universe. (Clark/Lois - Superman - becs1024, louisemcgregor, northern_star)
3) In order to help her and his dead love, they're on the run. (Julie/Dillon - Terry Moore's Echo - no one)
4) Beauty and the Geek in sitcom form. (Penny/Sheldon, Big Bang Theory - turntap2)
5) The only thing that stands between sex and this person is clothes - him, too. (Robin/Barney - How I Met Your Mother - handyhunter)
6) Friends in high school, teammates then and now, finally together. (Mark/Eve - Invincible - candyflosskillr)
7) She knows his secret identity, he's mistaken about hers. (Mayday/JJ - Spider-Girl - jenn_1)
8) Beauty and the Geek in dramedy form. ;) (Chuck/Sarah - Chuck - kiarasayre)
9) More TV breakups and makeups than Ross and Rachel, but the kid isn't hers. (JD/Elliot - Scrubs - bananainpyjamas)
10) It's canon! Whoops, not anymore. (Peter/Mary Jane, Spider-Man - dutchtulips)
11) Both full of fire and spunk - and they can at least touch. (Olive/Emerson - Pushing Daisies - no one)
12) Reading about this hero's best friends is even more fun. (Brenda/Paco - Blue Beetle - seriousfic)

From TV: 6
From comics: 4
From TV/movies/cartoon/comics combos: 2

I will update as people guess correctly!
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