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Last Recs Post! (The f-list breathes a sigh of relief)

So I finally got through the alphabet! I'll still be reading idly until the reveal on Jan. 1st, but I'm really happy to get through all the fandoms I wanted to read. :) And I just passed 200 comments. I think my spot in the Top 10 is safe for now. *beams* What can I think of for a new request, I wonder...?

The last few recs for the f-list:

The Last Dance (Titanic)
**Gorgeous! I loved getting insight into the musicians' minds, deciding to play the ship down to her death instead of fighting for their lives.

Union, justice et confiance (True Blood)
**Sookie and Bill can offer each other a lot of perspective - I've always thought it was all Bill, but this also helped me see that Sookie can teach him a thing or two.

Too Much Rest for the Unliving (True Blood)
**Adorable! I loved Bill struggling with new technology and really embracing at least one!

Quacking Up (Wonderfalls)
**I loved seeing Jaye's gift through the eyes of her sister.

A Little Zombie Told Me (Wonderfalls)
**I cannot explain how much squee this filled me with. :) Adorable premise, Jaye voice and ending.

And I still only have one correct guess on my drabble meme. Don't be shy! *whines* C'mon, guys, you know you can give it a try!
Tags: fic recs, movies, tv, yuletide

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