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Yuletide Recs: H-M

I didn't read as much today, but I still managed to keep spot #5. And I have a healthy set of recs anyway! So here they are:

Goes Marching (Harper Lee - To Kill a Mockingbird)
**This story was wonderful and touching. The themes still resonate today.

Modern Love (HIMYM
**I loved the episodic structure and the scenario - Ted and Robin may have to get married so Robin can stay in the country, but Barney is going to try to prevent that.

Sincerely, Robin (HIMYM):
**Dairy entries by Robin - awesome.

Real Good Place (HIMYM)
**I love the author's Robin POV in this story about Robin's need to just shoot something.

Salty Apple Fritters (HIMYM)
**This was so wonderful! I laughed and laughed all the way through. Lily's saltiness, Marshall's sappiness... So funny. :)

Here Come the Drums (HIMYM)
**So cute! I loved Ted's retelling, Lily and Marshall's horniness and Barney's confession.

Saved, Unpublished Blog Post (HIMYM)
**Wow, this was just so raw and emotional. And yet so Barney.

The Mortal Mishaps of Howell Jenkins (Howl's Moving Castle [movie])
**Wonderful, adorable, amazing! This was really a hoot to read - every bit a joy. Sophie, Howl, Markl and Calcifer were great in this. <3.

Reconnaissance (The Incredibles)
**The author sets up a lot of interesting questions in this story, some that I wouldn't mind seeing continued. I really liked getting into the mind of Violet, another look at Mira and even a littl Pixar crossover thrown in!

The Best Laid Plans of Nanites and Men (Jake 2.0)
**I can't give away the best part of this, but believe me there's a treat in here. :D

An Almost Perfect Parabola (Joan of Arcadia)
**Lovely story! I miss this show, and this really evokes a day in New York with the gang. Plus, bonus Luke/Grace. :)

Wind in the East (Mary Poppins)
**Bert and Mary at different times in Bert's life. Lovely.
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