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Yuletide Recs: Scattershot List

Today I finished all types of fandoms through G and followed recs from all over the rest of the alphabet from the yuletide community. And hey, I'm holding onto spot #5, for now. I hope to get through another letter or two tonight.

So here are my very scattershot recs for today!

Whole New World (Aladdin)
**What a lovely story! It encompasses all the humor and pathos of the Genie.

Con Fuoco (Amadeus)
Perfectly... I was going to say "baroque", but that's not quite right... lovely. A rich tapestry of images and emotions between the two rivals. The author's Salieri and Mozart were superb. Warning: slightly slashy

What Became of Marie La Fleur (Beauty and the Beast)
**I really enjoy stories where third tier characters are given a chance to shine, and the author handled it beautifully.

The Ballad of Penny Peabody (Dr. Horrible)
**A lovely read! The author's backstory on Penny was really touching, very realistic. I particularly loved Penny's reaction to Billy when she recognizes him.

Because Resurrection is Easier Than Finding A Date Through (Dr. Horrible)
**I liked the start with a vlog entry, and a song! I'm a sucker for that. And rivalry between Dead Bowie and Dr. Horrible... Yessss. OMG, and one of Dead Bowie's songs is a brilliant parody of a David Bowie song. Warning: Slashy (not Billy, though)

Fire, Measured By What Doesn't Burn (Fairy Tales)
**This fic is very hard to describe -- almost a modern fairy tale about a soldier returned from war. I almost don't have the words to explain how amazing this was. I was pulled into this person's world so easily, and I think it will be a long time until I can shake its heartbreaking clarity.

School Dares (Ed)
**A short little fic which needs some more review love, with an adorable $10 bet! I can completely see that on the show (which I miss so much).

That's a Good Look on You (Flight of the Conchords)
**Incredible - the misunderstandings and naivete were exactly like that in the show! I loved the author's dialogue - I could actually hear Murray, Bret, Jemaine and Mel. :D

The Charm (Indiana Jones)
**I didn't realize that I needed some Indy/Marion smut, but I guess I did! I particularly loved how the author showed their developing sex life throughout their relationship.

All Aboard, Mr. Monk (Monk)
**What a hilarious story! I loved the set-up and execution... Monk goes on a cruise to solve a crime, and it's about the worst predicament for him ever.

York and Amsterdam (New Amsterdam)
**This is really such a heartwarming fic. A great-grandson learns the secret, as so many have done throughout John's long life. And giving the story his POV was wonderful, too.

Ten Times Schroeder Player the Piano and One Time He Didn't (Peanuts)
** *sniff* This was so touching. I play the piano myself, and I know the wonderful feeling you get when others are touched by the music. It's magical. The author has captured that, and married it with the joy of the season. Bravo!

hoping's very fears (Pushing Daisies)
**This was wonderful to read a full case-file, full of all of the team banter and interaction, and complete with wonderful one-one-one moments between Ned and Chuck.

A Lovely Way to Spend Christmas (Pushing Daisies)
**All of the characters are perfect - I particularly love Olive and Emerson's banter.

Gyre (Robin McKinley - Sunshine)
**This was very well-plotted and thought out. It also read very like an actual chapter from the book, which is pretty amazing. And there's even a recipe at the end. :) If I baked, I'd be all over that.

und mit Geistesstärke tu ich Wunder auch (The Time-Traveler's Wife)
**A great look at some of Alba's experiences of being a CDP! I loved the bittersweet tone that matched the book so well. :)

And here's another hint for the drabble contest... The guessed fic was a big two comic and the remaining fics are from a Britcom, an American sitcom, an indie comic, and an American TV drama.
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