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Yuletide Recs: TV shows, Part 1

I'm only through D alphabetically and I have all of these recs! So I figured I'd better drop them off before digging back into the archive (gotta stay in the Top 15! LOL.)

Today's Adventure: Wrigley Versus Wrigley (The Adventures of Pete and Pete)
**I really enjoyed Little Pete's attempts to keep his brother from going to college - each scenario is goofier than the last.

Mm Mm (Animaniacs)
**Such a hilarious Warner Brothers fic! I absolutely adored the random humor, the shout-outs to actual episodes, and there are some great laugh-out-loud lines! :D

Sixty Years in a Water Tower (Animaniacs)
**I never thought to wonder what the Warner Siblings were up to during their long imprisonment... and this story is absolutely hilarious. It gave me giggle fits!

Tiger Beaten (Arrested Development)
**George Michael and Maeby and a boy band! I love Maeby's continued nonchalance and GM's denial of what is really going on. And all the other characters which make an appearance are just icing on the cake. :)

The Eggnog Equivalence (Big Bang Theory)
**The author's Penny and Sheldon are spot-on! I giggled more than once at Sheldon's turns of phrase. <3

The Failure of Einstein's Universe (Big Bang Theory)
**This was completely adorable! I really believed Penny/Sheldon here, and the scenario was so easy to imagine.

The Birthday Party (Black Adder)
**Even at twelve years old, Edmund is his wonderfully snarky self! Actually all of the characters are perfect, just a bit more adolescent. :)

Four Times Chuck Was a Hero by Being Nerdy (Chuck)
**Four vignettes, and each little vignette was awesome! It had everything I love about Chuck. Adored this. <3

A Meeting of Equals (Coupling UK)
**Ah, the author's Jane is perfect! I always loved her character (although it's hard to choose in that cast). Her flights of fancy tinged with selfishness are exactly right.

Routine and Reciprocity (Dead Like Me)
**Mason and Kiffany in what looks like only part one of a story - Mason was sweet and spot-on.

repeat after me (Dexter)
**I love this look into the mind of Harry, observing Dexter in a social situation. We get to see all of the reasons behind teaching him the Code, and how far he has progressed. It's really fascinating. Warning: Language

A MotherF***ing Roly-Ply Chubby-Cheeked S*** Machine (Dexter)
**This was great! I love the idea of Deb being involved in the birth of Rita and Dexter's baby! Her POV was perfect and adored all of the Debra-isms throughout. <3 Warning: Language

Action Figure (Some Parts Sold Separately) (Greatest American Hero)
**Sweet! What an adorable story! I loved Pam and Ralph's affection, Bill's crankiness, Bill and Pam's sniping at each other... and all the comics/superhero talk!

(And The Middleman fic is obviously out of order, but I had to read it right away...)

The Perilous Peanutbrittle Problem (Middleman)
**Lovely Wendy and Lacey fluff! I love how the author used Lacey's predilection for making messes to get the girls into a predicament! So cute. :)

The Ursine Therianthrope Divination (Middleman)
**What a long episodic joyride! The time jumping, the perfect date stamps, the characterization, really terrific work!

The Bellicose Doppelganger Auter-ization (Middleman)
**Very cute fic! And a completely hilarious premise to rescue Lacey. Clones, icy blondes... awesome.

Anyway, three people have guessed at which ones I wrote so far, and only one is close! I'd love to see if anyone can figure me out. :)
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