Barbara (htbthomas) wrote,

Yuletide Meme

Stolen from liliaeth (though I had been planning something similar before I saw this):

I wrote five Yuletide stories this year. If you can guess any of them, you win a drabble.

1) All were a fandom I've never written before.
2) All were in different fandoms.
3) All were fandoms found in my userpics.

I will screen comments, and update this post if someone guesses correctly (though keeping the story title/fandom secret until Jan 1st). And of course, no fair if you helped in any way with brainstorming or betaing a story -- but the ones you didn't know about are fine to guess!

ETA: Make a guess, get another hint!

ETA 2:
Correct Guesses:
#3: bistyboo1974
#4: northern_star, milleniumrex
Tags: meme, yuletide

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