Barbara (htbthomas) wrote,

Yuletide Fic Recs, Part 1: Comics-Related

Now onto the stories written for others! I just finished reading all the comics-related ones for the titles I am familiar with. Here are the ones I really felt stood out:

New York Girls (Blue Beetle)
**A Young Avengers crossover. BB's Brenda is definitely awesome (of a very awesome supporting cast), and pairing her with Kate Bishop is perfect. Warning: femslashy

If Only for Today (Ultimate Spider-Man)
**Peter and Jessica team-up = awesome!

For Love or Money (Spider-Man movieverse)
**I loved all the references throughout the story to other unnamed characters... and May vs. Jameson is classic.

Christmas Shopping with Mysterio (Spider-Man comicverse):
**May POV! May really is fantastic here, too.

Of Ice Storms and Rampaging Octopi (Spider-Man comicverse)
**It's nice to read some Peter/Gwen now and again. The story is set during the time he and Gwen were dating, with a little modern update or two. They were really sweet together, and this fic shows that, as well as MJ's ability to be an awesome friend.

ab initio (Spectacular Spider-Man tv)
**This one was so so much fun, wow! I love the way the author set it up, as an interview with Flash -- giving the story a very unique POV. Warning: Slightly slashy.

That Time in the Place with the Thing (New Avengers)
**This is brilliant! I suspect this author has a direct line to Bendis' head... I adored every part of it, from the beautifully set-up scripting, to the perfect dialogue and characterization. Fantastic!

Chasing Pavements (Daredevil)
**I loved the banter! Matt and Jessica are just awesome here.

If I'm planning to do a least 3-4 more of these, should I have a filter, f-list? Let me know.
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