Barbara (htbthomas) wrote,

10 Ways Meme

I'm hoping this will add fuel to my yuletide fic finishing fire!

10 Ways You Can Tell You're Reading a Fic by htbthomas... (stolen from slynn6776)

10. There will be an ellipsis every few paragraphs...

9. Characters will use lots of PG-13 language.

8. The story will go on at least twice as long as she originally promises.

7. Every once in a while there are touches of clairvoyance.

6. The laugh is gone for over the schmoop.

5. If a character can get into an awkward situation, they will.

4. Superpowers are good for almost anything!

3. Looking for something other than a canon pairing? Look elsewhere.

2. Identity porn far outweighs the regular kind.

1. Gotcha! *Margot!Lois grin*

Feel free to add to the list... :D
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