Barbara (htbthomas) wrote,

End of the Year Meme, 2008 Edition

Post the first line of the first post for every month of the year!

January 1: Although winter in San Francisco was rarely very cold, nightfall still came as early here as anywhere else. (Opening line from Mr. Disher and the Date, last year's yuletide fic.)

February 3: Lois stepped out of the building and into the fresh spring air. (First line of The Smallest Thing, an SR Clois birthday fic for autumnrae89.)

March 1: So I just watched the animated version of The New Frontier...

April 1: “Daddy! Look at this!” Little May tried to let go of Peter’s hand, and after a slight catch on his sticky palms, she pulled free with a slippery tug. (First line of The Perfect Choice, a pre-Spider-Girl birthday fic for dragontail.)

May 2: About a week ago, van_el told me he submitted a question to Unscripted about the new Iron Man movie -- one that he said was mine... and they answered it!

June 1: Lois closed her mouth slowly, eyes centering on the boy, Jason, holding a filing cabinet over his head. What was he… a meteor freak? (First line of Ch. 3 of Scion, an SR/SV/LoSH crossover fic.)

July 1: I'm sure most of my Supes fandom pals have already seen the results ALL over their f-page, but here is the list of my nominations, just in case... (Regarding the supes_mv_awards.)

August 1: A few requests of my ever-amazing f-list... And you know you are. *hugs*

September 2: (Five Fictional Characters Meme)
1. Comment on this post.
2. I will give you a letter.
3. Think of 5 fictional characters and post their names and your comments on these characters in your LJ.

October 1: I can't believe I'm actually doing this... but I think it's time for my first ever Friends Cut.

November 1: I went to a kickoff party in Dayton, and it was fun! (Regarding NaNoWriMo.)

December 1: These are always fun... :D (Christmas Present widget)
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