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DV Ch. 29 Status

Hi, everyone. I am posting this via email, just for fun and kicks. I'm sitting at my computer, so I don't REALLY need to do it this way, but I like to test new things...

Anyway, Ch. 29 is going to be called "Connections" (and it's very unusual that I even have a title yet - that usually doesn't come until after it comes back from the betas!)

About 900 words completed - and I expect it to be possibly another 3000-word entry, based on the outline. If school stuff goes quickly... you might see this by Tuesday. If not... Wednesday or Thursday. Another 80 tests to grade tonight!


A rain of photographs whizzed through the air, one striking her forehead. "Oh! Miss Lane! I'm so sorry!" Jimmy immediately bent down to gather up the prints that had gone everywhere.

"No, I'm sorry, Jimmy... let me help with those."

Jimmy gave her a grateful look as she handed him a photo. "Thanks." His eyes moved away as he asked, "Have you seen Richard?"

Her hands paused. Briefly, but just enough that Jimmy stopped what he was doing to look back up at her. "He's... on the roof..." Lois told him, giving him the last of the photographs as they stood, "...but I wouldn't bother him right now." Lois searched for a reason to give Jimmy, one that would make sense...

Jimmy's gaze drifted to the access door, sad comprehension dawning on his face. "Oh... He's not taking it well, is he?"

Lois' eyes widened in surprise and terror. "What are you­--"

Jimmy suddenly blushed crimson. "Oh! No. I'm sorry, Miss Lane... it's none of my business..." He began to walk away quickly, but Lois caught him by the arm in a firm grasp.

"No, Jimmy, go on... I want to hear this." She let go slowly, when she was sure he wouldn't flee like a rabbit. She kept a no-nonsense expression on her face, even though she was filling with a strong sense of foreboding... 


ETA: Okay, so I had to adjust weird symbols post email.  And the LJ-cut didn't work either until I did it with the Rich Text Editor.  But, I'll keep playing with it!
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