Barbara (htbthomas) wrote,

NaNo, Day 9

Hey, I figured at least once a week I would post my progress off of the filter...

16061 / 50000 words. 32% done!

I went to the write-in today, and did have fun! :) Everyone typing away and talking about getting stuck, and what to do if your plot derails, etc. Plus, someone's personal problems with their mother gave me some fodder for my novel, too, score! :D

Anyway, one more day until yuletide signups end! C'mon, you people on the fence. You know you wanna...

(P.S. Anyone want to word war with me in the next hour? I am on track, but I need to get ahead by at least 1700 words before Wednesday hits...) ETA: Time's up! Thanks for the war, northern_star! Widget is updated. :)
Tags: nanowrimo, yuletide

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