Barbara (htbthomas) wrote,

Why is it so easy to please me, Mr. Bendis?

Okay, so, well, I just made some new comics-loving friends, and of course I have all these other comics-loving friends already... so maybe I should sometimes post about comics? More than once every, um, three months? (Everyone else feel free to skim!)

So I completely forgot that the Ultimate Spider-Man Annual #3 came out this week...

...and it was once again, completely awesome. I love the annuals. Total ♥. Seriously, even if the rest of the issue had been a yawner, which it wasn't, all Bendis has to do is give me some Peter/MJ banter and a little relationship movement and I'm a goner. And there was even Kitty and Kenny! *happy sigh*

The introduction of Ultimate!Mysterio? Eh, whatever. The last scene...? Will happily haunt my dreams tonight.

On a related note, why Mr. Bendis can you only make me squee like a 12-year-old in this book? *sigh*
Tags: comics, spider-man

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