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DV Ch. 28 Status

1,707 words so far.  I think that I have another third left, maybe a quarter?  It'll be shorter than the last one, but that wouldn't be hard to do.

ETA: 2,293 words when finished.

mark_clark  has been over it, just waiting on betty brant andjenna_knight

*looks very carefully for a good teaser*

She grimly forced her rigid limbs to move, and walked briskly to the stairwell access door. She looked into the empty walkway past the door, and could barely register their voices and footsteps as they ascended. You can do it, Lois. One foot in front of the other. Clark didn’t fall in love with you because you were a timid wallflower… and neither had Richard, if she were being perfectly honest. So up she went, plucking up her courage with every step.

When she reached the roof access door, she gently opened it just a crack to see them. Maybe she could just watch the whole thing from here… Richard seemed at ease, Clark still appeared confident. She hadn’t missed the revelation yet, at least…
“So…” she heard Richard say from her vantage point. “What did you want to talk to me about?”
“The reason I asked you up here, Richard, was…” Clark hesitated. He turned directly toward where Lois was peeking through the doorway. “…Lois and I have something to tell you.”
Well, she was good and caught now. Grimacing, she pushed open the heavy door and came all the way outside. 
Richard asked again, “Why Lois? Is this something about your investigation?”

Lois came to stand beside Clark. “No, more about yours…”

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