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First Line Meme

From svgurl:

Post the first line from your 25 most recent fanfics and try to find a pattern.

Starting from most recent to least recent:

Lois tucked a loose strand of wavy hair behind her ear, waving with her other hand at the clouds of steam emanating from inside the hood of their rental car. -- Breakdown (SR, Clois)

Molly hummed a cheerful tune as she came down the steps to the main gathering area. -- Birthdays Suck (Runaways, Molly)

I lay on my bed, glancing between the calendar and the trees outside my bedroom window. -- Sparkle (Twilight series, Bella)

The corner of the envelope stuck out innocuously, just the tip visible from inside her purse, but Lois’ wrist had rubbed against it when reaching for her cell phone. -- Dear Lois (SR, Lois/Richard)

Peter tilted his head, peering askance at Gwen walking beside him. -- What She Wants (Spectacular Spider-Man, Peter/Gwen)

The doorbell sounded as Clark was pulling a red T-shirt over his head. -- Promise (Smallville, Clois)

Package in hand, Peter landed lightly in an alley near one of the post offices several blocks from Stark Tower. -- Next in Line (Spider-Man comicverse, Peter)

“Pleeeeeease, Mom! One more try!” -- Fair Play (SR, Jason and Clark)

Sandra slid a silver letter opener under the flap of the envelope, humming idly to herself. -- Peace of Heart (Heroes, Sandra Bennet)

He floated high above the ground, invisible to the naked eye… invisible even to X-ray, infrared, or even telescopic vision… with a string of failures in his past dealings with Earth’s heroes, it was best to be infinitely cautious. -- Scion (Smallville/SR/LoSH crossover)

“C’mon, Clark,” Lois said, smacking her empty shot glass down on the countertop. -- In Vino Veritas (Smallville, Clois)

Peter drummed his fingers on the edge of the sofa, and glanced at the mahogany clock on the wall. -- Playful (Heroes, Peter Petrelli)

Clark adjusted his tie as the elevator doors slid to a stop. -- Going Up (SR, Clois)

At this very moment, while sitting on a stool at a charming pastry shop known as The Pie Hole, in the quaint little town of Lakeshore... Charlotte Charles was perplexed. Remembrance (Pushing Daisies, Chuck/Ned)

“Oh, my God, Smallville…” Lois moaned in disbelief. -- What Not to Wear (Smallville, Clois)

“Daddy! Look at this!” -- The Perfect Choice (pre-Spider-Girl, May and Peter)

He breathed in and out, his breath only a whisper on the wind, but overly loud in his own ears. -- Appearances (Howl's Moving Castle, Howl)

“Humph!” Boredom Strikes (Runaways, Chase)

“Hey!” Chloe complained, yanking her hand away from the splash of liquid. -- Do or Dye (Smallville, Chloe/Jimmy, Clark, Lois)

Clark shifted from foot to foot, his eyes glancing from the buzzer on Lois’ apartment door, to the box of chocolates in his hand, to the stairwell access door. -- Words Fail (Reeveverse, Clois)

Lois leaned heavily against the elevator wall and rubbed at her eyes tiredly. -- Come Rain or Come Shine (SR, Clois)

“Good evening, Miss Prince.” -- A Touch of Care (Justice League, Diana/Bruce)

“Whatever I saw, I’ll tell it in court, Ms. Drake.” -- Four Times Lois Lane Pretended She Wasn’t Jealous (And One Time She Didn’t Bother Pretending) (Lois and Clark:TNAOS, Lois, Clark, Mayson)

Lois’ plump lips slid across the pencil as she turned it in an absent-minded spiral, teeth biting down ever so gently on the surface. -- Kiss Me (SR, Clois)

A flash of streetlights. -- Come to My Senses (Spider-Man movieverse, Harry)

What this says about my writing:

1) I start a lot of stories with a two part sentence. "A did something as she/he also did this." OR "B did this, blah blah blah another phrase." Hmm. Must look into that.

2) The POV character is usually named in the first sentence.

3) If there is dialogue as the first sentence, it's usually NOT the POV character. Especially when children are major characters.

4) When I am less familiar/comfortable with a character or fandom, I tend to be more esoteric. When I write a lot in a fandom, I tend to be silly.

That was interesting! I'm mostly happy with my beginnings, but I'll definitely be watching out for #1 in the future.
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