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Teaser and a Rec

Well... after a pretty decent first week of school, I am trying to finish my August Heatwave story for 12days_of_clois. It'll be on the shorter side (closer to 2K than 5K), but I'm having a lot of fun with it.

Teaser, anyone?


Lois tucked a loose strand of wavy hair behind her ear, waving with her other hand at the clouds of steam emanating from inside the hood of their rental car. Wow, that’s even more steam than I expected.

Apparently Clark agreed. “Oh, my,” he said, rubbing nervously at the bridge of his nose.

She coughed and leaned forward over the engine block, peering around to see if she could figure out why the car had overheated. But of course, it was all a charade. Lois knew why it had overheated.

She had sabotaged the car herself.



And now that that's out there, I will feel compelled to finish it by tonight!

And now for a fic rec:

Yesterday I beta'ed Strays by professorjulia, a post-Dark Knight fic in 19 parts. The story is gen, and... well, let's just say that the ECQ got some surprises along the way! I'm pimping this because I don't think most of my friends' list knows this author (you may have read her story Sunday Fathers, though.)

The first part is up here at LJ and on ff.net.

Check it out!


Aug. 24th, 2008 09:13 pm (UTC)
You'll find out soon! :D I hope Monday.

And it's not so much another fandom, really. It's a friend's fic who happened to write something that everyone who's seen TDK might really like. :)

The season starting is already putting me on pins and needles! I have all the premieres set up in my online calendar now, lol.

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